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Sultans of Swap: Smoking Guns!


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EURO EXPERIMENT: German Steel or Schmucks?

"UR all PIGS from HELL


Current Thesis Advisory:

PDF, 62 pages
Published November 2009

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INNOVATION: America has a Structural Problem!


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PRESERVE & PROTECT:  The Jaws of Death


Understanding the Conclusions -- Global Macro in Images


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Global-Macro in Images:  Understanding the Conclusions

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Money & Credit Growth has hidden the Pyramiding of RISK.



REGULATORY ARBITRAGE has strategically moved the RISK & COST to the People's Government.



The $620 TRILLION Off Balance Sheet, Off-Shore, Unregulated, OTC SWAPS NOW CONTROLS THE GAME



New Debt Financing & Roll-Over Refinancing Face a Looming Maturity Wall - Funding Availability and Interest Rates Will the Dictate Outcome.



INTEREST RATES can not stay at ZIRP indefinately - Consequential, Inevitable and already building Inflation Pressures will end the Gig!

QUANTITATIVE EASING can not indefinately be the sole buyer of debt in artificially holding down rates.



The US is following a very clear path to the US Dollar ceasing to be the World Reserve Currency.



CONCLUSION: A Global Fiat Failure - A Currency Extinction Event is on the horizon in 2012-2013. This event, and the social unrest that will preceed it, will trigger a West > East shift of financial power, a revamped Bretton Woods agreement and a very powerful IMF.


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Quote Of The Week

They (banks) had to know, but the attitude was sort of, ‘If you’re doing something wrong, we don’t want to know.’ ”

“I am saying that the banks and funds were complicit in one form or another.” 

Bernie Madoff Interview - NY Times



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